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Middle School Class – Spring Retreat

All Middle School students currently in the Bible Class are invited to attend Spring Retreat at the Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center, Friday, June 8 (afternoon) through Sunday, June 10 (afternoon). Cost is $40.00, but please speak to Townshends if that is an issue. The deadline is May 27 – register HERE. If you would like to bring a friend, speak to the Townshends prior to registering them. More details will come following registration. Questions: sktownshend@gmail.com.

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GBC Camping Fellowship  
June 22-24, 2017

Annually, Grace schedules a Family Campout at the Shenandoah Valley Campground in Verona. Log cabins, tent sites, and rental campers are reserved and deposits paid (several months ahead) by GBC; the reservation list and details are available HERE (read the details).   All deposits (equal to first night rental) are due to GBC no later than Sunday, MAY 20 (as reserved sites not claimed will be returned to the campground). Make deposit checks to GBC - note on the memo line: camping deposit. If your deposit has not been paid to GBC by May 20, and you have not cancelled, you are still responsible for the full deposit to GBC. No refunds are available after May 20. Due to limited availability, only one cabin or rental camper is available per family. If all sites are reserved, securing additional sites is a possibility. Second night fees and taxes are due to campground upon arrival. Direct ALL questions to: Richard at aardvark6990@gmail.com or 804.201.1542; information also available at www.campingisfun.com.